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Chanukah Dog Treats

We offer you ideas for very easy Chanukah dog treats…even if you think you have no artistic ability. Trust us, these are so simple and quick.

We always use a dog biscuit mix because it basically requires no baking knowledge – just follow the directions on the package!

If you want to make special Chanukah themed dog biscuits, try these Hanukkah cookie cutters:

In order – a dreidel, star of David, Hanukkah menorah.

Otherwise, just use bone-shaped cookie cutters. The decoration will turn the homemade dog biscuits into Chanukah treats.

If you do not wish to do any baking at all, buy a box of your dog’s favorite treats and simply dip them into dog treat icing in white and blue colors.

Fido’s Frosting brand Royal Icing for Dogs will dry hard and shiny and does not require refrigeration. The photo below shows dog biscuits covered with Fido’s Frosting yogurt icing using blue and white powdered coloring to color the dog icing.

We arranged the dog treats in a bone-shaped cake pan container. This container is also microwaveable, so this serves as two gifts in one. The recipient gets a reuseable container in which to make a microwaveable dog cake in addition to the treats inside!

Package the container in Hanukkah themed wrapping paper. These homemade dog treats will get oohs and aahs because YOU made them. You didn’t go to a bakery to buy pre-made expensive gourmet dog treats to bring to the Hanukkah party. Other pet owners will want to know all about how you did this! And the fact that you took time and energy to do this project will mean a lot.

(Note: Chanukah can be spelled with a “Ch” or with an “H”: Hanukkah. When spelling with an “H”, two k’s are necessary. We offer both spellings to show that either one is correct!)

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