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Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Give chicken jerky dog treats only as a treat, not as a food source. These treats are pure, plain chicken and are perfect for dogs with a wheat allergy that should not be eating grains.

Make your own chicken jerky in the oven:

  • Cut chicken breast into thin strips
  • Place on a non-stick baking pan.
  • Bake at 200 degrees for 3-4 hours until the chicken strips are dried out. Depending on how moist the chicken is, you may have to leave it in longer.
  • Let strips cool completely before giving to your dog.

Or, simply use a food dehydrator to dry out the chicken. If you plan to make a lot of these dog treats, the investment is worth your while. A food dehydrator will take all the moisture out, making the treats crispy and increasing the shelf life.

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Recipe Modification for Dogs With Struvite Crystals

Dogs plagued by struvite crystals in the urine do better with dark meat chicken parts, so make your own dark meat chicken jerky using the thigh or leg meat.

This meat is usually moist due to the high fat content, so longer time will be needed to get it dried out.

Recipe Information For Dogs With Calcium Oxalate Stones

Dogs that are prone to calcium oxalate stones are usually allowed to have plain chicken. Check with your vet first. Calcium oxalate stones are not dissolved by a diet change. However, it is important for the dog not to eat foods that could create more stone formation.

Word of caution if you buy chicken jerky for dogs

If you are planning to buy jerky dog treats, please buy brands made in the USA.

Other countries may have standards for dog food products that are not as stringent as the Food and Drug Administration here in United States.

There have been FDA warnings issued in 2007 and 2008 regarding dog jerky made from chicken products, and again in 2011. Veterinarians are seeing a rise in numbers of dogs becoming ill related to ingestion of these products, mainly those imported from China.

The reason for the dogs becoming ill has not yet been determined. The reason was thought to be a contaminant, but one has yet to be found. The products in question are cheap dog treats sold at a large store chain.

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