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Christmas Treats For Dogs

Here is a simple, quick and easy idea for Christmas treats for dogs even if you have little to no artistic ability.

You can buy pre-made Christmas dog treats, and there will be plenty of gourmet dog treats around.

Or…you can be different this holiday season with a do-it-yourself dog treat idea.

If you are not the baking type, get a package of your dog’s favorite dog treats. (That way, someone will eat whatever is left over!)

All you will need to do is to dip them into red, green, and white colored dog treat icing.

The best is Fido’s Frosting bran Royal Icing for Dogs made by K9Cakery.com. It is an all natural, yogurt icing with no sugar and no fat. If you leave the treats in the car by mistake…which we have done on numerous occasions…you will not have to worry about them melting. Because there is no fat, this icing will not melt. (But don’t do this with your store-bought gourmet holiday treats! They probably use a dog icing that will melt and leave you with a gooey mess.)

In this photo, we used dog treat frosting made by the same company for a matted final effect. The royal icing for dogs will dry shiny. The dog treat frosting dries with a flatter look.

We packed a bone-shaped container with the decorated dog treats. The container comes with a lid and can be used to make a microwaveable dog cake. So essentially it is two gifts in one! The recipient pet parent gets dog treats to give the dog, plus a container to bake a dog cake for his or her dog’s birthday!

The links below lead to more ideas for homemade dog treats for Christmas and other holidays.

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