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Dangerous Dog Treats – Be Careful Of These

There are some specific pet treats available that may be actually be dangerous dog treats. Dogs love them, they are designed for dogs to chew and keep themselves busy.

Just be aware that there are potential dangers to giving these as a treat. If you do, it is recommended that you watch the animal and don’t leave them alone with these treats to “keep them occupied.”

Rawhide Dog Treat

These are made out of cow skin. Some countries use an arsenic-based preservative. And cow skins from other countries could be contaminated with antibiotics, lead, insecticides or other materials. If you do choose to give your dog rawhide, make sure you give American rawhide dog treats. Look for the words “made in the USA” on the package. Try to especially stay away from treats made in China, as this country does not have the regulations that the USA does.

rawhide dog treat

These rawhide treats can splinter into small, sharp pieces which can damage a dog’s intestinal tract or cause blockage. They can also create a choking hazard.

If your dog cannot have meat products for health reasons, stay away from rawhide.

Pig Ear Dog Treats

pig ear dog treats

Pig ears have a high fat content. These treats can splinter into small pieces and cause intestinal problems as well.

However, dogs love to chew on these and the chewing keeps them busy.

Dogs with pork allergies or intestinal illnesses should stay away from pig ears.

Again, check the country in which the treats come from. Made in the USA is always best!

Cow Ears And Hooves

cow hooves dog treats

Dogs can break a tooth on these. They can also cause obstruction in the intestine or become lodged in the throat.

Greenies Dog Treats

These treats have also been implicated in obstructions due to the indigestible nature of them. A chunk could break off and be harmful.

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