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Getting listed in our Dog Bakery locator is free to our customers. Help dog owners and their furbabies locate you!

Join our free dog bakery directory

Join our dog bakery directory and place a free listing for your dog treat business.

The number of dog bakeries is growing. There are brick-and-mortar businesses, home-based dog treat bakers, and online dog businesses. Some only have a presence on a social media site. 

At K9Cakery.com, we are committed to promoting the arts and crafts of baking for dogs. We would like to help you get noticed and promoted. There are so many talented and wonderful folks out there who are committed to improving life for dogs and we applaud you all!

You can never be listed in too many places on the internet! It is important to establish an online presence if you want to be found. We want to help you do that. This is especially important if you only have a social media presence unless you have thousands of friends or followers! In return, we hope that you return the favor.

So that we both can help each other, here’s our request. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page with the name of your dog treats business, your location, and then tell us about it, including how you use K9Cakery products for the ingredients and/or bakeware. This is a chance at promotion so feel free to include images of your treats and/or, your pets.

We get requests from customers who are looking for treats in their geographical region and would love to help refer them to you. 

If you can ship your pet treats, you should also consider a free listing on www.PetCraftStore.com. You can have your own virtual store and enjoy attention from across the internet. 

Still thinking about starting your own dog bakery?

Grab your spot for an individualized consultation with K9Cakery.com’s CEO and get started in this lucrative business today.

Dog bakery business consultation

If you love baking, think about baking for pets. More and more people are becoming pet owners. Pets are part of the family. Pet owners only want to give their furkids the best and healthiest treats with healthy ingredients. You can work in the comfort of your own kitchen.

People love to celebrate their pets’ birthdays and brag about their pets. Help them to do so with your unique homemade treats. This is a business in which the entire family can participate…including the dog (taste tester.)

Free Listing in Dog Bakery Directory

K9Cakery customers: Be included in our dog bakery directory! Just contact us with your information and we’ll get you added to the directory!

Be sure to include:

  • Business Name
  • Your Name
  • Store Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Social Media Links
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