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Dog Birthday Cake

A dog birthday cake recipe can be a…well, piece of cake! Dog cake, actually.

The pictures on this page tell the story. This is how easy it is to make a homemade dog birthday cake. The one we demonstrate here is the Party Time Dog Cake that is made colorful and festive looking by adding colored jimmies to the cake mix. Click the link for the entire recipe. This page takes you through the steps to show you how easy it can be.

This is what the dog cake mix in the bowl looks like after the water, oil, egg and colored jimmies are is added and stirred

dog birthday cake recipe cake mix in bowl

The little colored jimmies may be difficult to see when you first pour the cake mix into a pan, but they spring to life after absorbing the added liquid!

This is the dog cake mix poured into a greased, foil dog bone cake pan:

dog birthday cake recipe in bone shaped cake pan

The cake is baked and will look like this:

dog birthday caka recipe party time cake

Finally, the dog treat icing on the cake! This cake was a birthday cake for a little Yorkie named Princess who was turning three. We made pink dog treat frosting and stuck a little tiara decoration on the top.

dog birthday cake recipe dog treat icing pink

A few tips to remember when hosting a dog birthday party:

  • Keep dogs apart when they are eating. Food can be a source for competition between animals and can bring out the aggressive nature of those who have protective tendencies.
  • At eating time, it might be a good idea to ask dog owners to put leashes on their pets. That gives them control in case a dog does try to get food-aggressive.
  • Make sure there are plenty of water bowls and keep them filled.
  • Mark off a designated area for a doggie rest room and provide plenty of poop bags or a poop scoop and trash can.
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