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Dog Biscuit Recipe for Struvite Crystals

Q: My 1-year-old Yorkie has struvite crystals and I’m trying to find a recipe for healthy dog treats to make for her. I’ve read some things she can have, but I’d like to be able to make something like a biscuit. Do you know of any recipes for this?



Judy, thank you for your question. Struvites like to form in alkaline urine which is urine with a pH >7.0. Part of the treatment plan is to prevent the further formation of these urinary crystals by maintaining acidic urine.

Fortunately, wheat and other common grains contribute to urine acidity. Please check with your veterinarian first because your dog may have other health issues.

My own dog developed struvites following a urinary tract infection. He was placed on a special diet, but I give him homemade dog treats that I make from the peanut butter biscuit mix from K9Cakery.com.

Dog Treat Recipe For Dogs With Struvites:

Peanut Butter Dog Treats (click the link)

This recipe calls for a banana, wheat flour biscuit mix, and peanut butter powder (organic peanut butter which does not have added sugar or other additives can also be used).

The K9Cakery dog biscuit mix is made from wheat flour and oats, two food sources that promote urine acidity. If you prefer baking from scratch, you can easily find dog biscuit recipes on the internet. Use wheat flour instead of white flour for a more nutritious biscuit.

My dog LOVES the K9Cakery mix. While it is baking, the entire kitchen smells delicious. I have personally tried the biscuits and they are not bad. Just bland. With a little sweetening, like honey, they would be palatable to human taste buds. Your dog would love the honey too and…honey helps to create acidic urine!

More Information About Struvites

The most honest authority we have found is Ronald Hines, DVM. His website is 2ndchance.info and you can find numerous articles based on his own research.

Urine acidifying foods are discussed here: struvite stones. I supplement my dog’s diet with some of these, like the dark-meat chicken.

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