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Dog Bladder Stones and Healthy Dog Treats

Dog bladder stones are a common dog health malady, especially in selected dog breeds due to their genetic make-up. For example, Bichon Frises, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus are some breeds predisposed to calcium oxalate stone formation.

Click here to learn more about calcium oxalate stones and what causes them to form.

The other common bladder ailment in dogs is the formation of struvite stones.

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We get numerous requests from dog owners about making healthy dog treats for their dogs who suffer from these dog health issues.

We offer a dog biscuit recipe for dogs with struvite crystals and we also give some information to the best of our knowledge for a dog treat recipe for dogs with oxalates.

We are not vets so we request and advise that before you give your dog anything edible, please clear it with your own veterinarian. Your dog may have other health issues as well that could potentially impact what he or she should eat. The recipes we give you are general in nature but can always be tailored for your dog’s specific needs. Once you understand how the bladder stones form, you will then be knowledgeable to know what foods to absolutely stay away from.

On the pages with the clinical information, we also provide a website with articles written by a vet for anyone who wants in-depth clinical information. The articles are quite informative and come from his own experiences treating these issues.

Finally, we provide a form to submit your questions regarding bladder stones in dogs. We do our best to answer promptly, but sometimes we need more information and contact a vet expert to make sure we provide you with correct answers. We also invite vets to comment and help make sure our readers get the best advice!

Questions: Struvites or Oxalates And Dog Treats?

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