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Dog Bone Cake Pan Choices

Now you can choose a dog bone cake pan from a variety of options.

The new versions are made from FDA-approved silicone and offer the flexibility of baking in a conventional oven or in the microwave.

Another terrific feature of silicone is that it can also be used in the freezer for creating frozen dog treats! Just pour in some flavored broth for a tasty cool dog treat on a hot summer day – your dog will enjoy licking the ice cube.

Make sure that if you are planning to make a dog cake in the microwave oven you follow the specific cooking directions.

This first one, a dog bone-shaped silicone cake pan:

Silicone Dog Bone Cake Pan

yields 15 miniature bone-shaped dog biscuits or dog cakes. There is no need to grease the silicone pan and the biscuits will pop out readily. Place it on a cookie sheet in the regular oven to prevent falling through the rungs of the shelf.

Another silicone dog bone cake pan is the mini paw print dog cake pan:


There are others on the market but we have found that the toes fall off. The insets on the K9Cakery.com pan keep the toes close together so that it is easy to “paint” the toenails with royal icing for dogs without worrying about breaking a toe.

This shape also comes in a larger version paw print pan:

Large silicone paw print dog cake pan

This larger version is better for dog cakes. A biscuit would be too thick! Make 6 mini dog cakes and decorate them for a nice dog lover gift if you are planning to visit someone with dogs.

Finally, we show you another dog bone-shaped cake pan in foil:


This dog cake pan is excellent for baking a dog birthday cake. There is a lid that fits over this pan making it convenient to take to someone’s house or offer as a dog owner gift or for a dog birthday party!

The lid will also keep the leftover cake fresh, but there usually is not any leftover dog cake…if the dog doesn’t get to enjoy it, the humans will sneak a bite. (And if it’s made from human-grade or all-natural ingredients, they certainly will!)

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