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Dog Cake Frosting

We have developed a special dog cake frosting created specifically for a dog’s digestive system. Now you can decorate dog cakes in style!

dog birthday cake

The dog cake featured above was made by 12 Paws Barkery and decorated using Fido’s Frosting brand dog frosting.

Dog bakeries used to make icings or frostings for pets by heating up yogurt chips, or candy melts. The melted mixture would be poured over the treats or cakes. 

The problem with yogurt-coating chips, as we discuss, is that they really aren’t “yogurt.” There may be some yogurt in them, but the main ingredients are sugar and fat.

Candy coating chips are mainly fat and sugar as well. They are still available on the market but you will have to do some research to find them. That is because bakeries have moved away from using them.

The fat and sugar in the chips have to melt to be able to get a mixture that can be spread.

A huge problem arises for people who live in warm climates. When it’s hot outside, the yogurt chip frosting “heats” up and starts to melt. For this reason, dog bakeries and dog treat businesses would not even attempt to ship their products and had been hesitant to sell them because as soon as the customer would leave the air-conditioned store, the icing would melt.

With our brand of dog treat frosting, this is no longer an issue. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is add water and stir. It won’t melt. You do not have to refrigerate the cake because the frosting is not perishable.

Screenshot 2023 08 21 at 2.17.11 PM
Go Gators! Dog cake made for a University of Florida fan by Alyssa using K9Cakery dog cake icing

I work at a dog boutique/bakery. I use the K9Cakery cake frosting almost everyday! My dogs absolutely love the frosting. If I’m making treats at home and have any leftover in a piping bag I squeeze it directly into their awaiting mouths! My customers love the creations I’m able to make. Thank you K9Cakery for allowing me a way to showcase my artistic ability!!


Screenshot 2023 08 21 at 2.17.26 PM 2

Magifrost dog cake frosting is dairy-free

Dogs are carnivores. Too much dairy can cause bloating and gastrointestinal distress. Magifrost frosting is made with tapioca and is therefore dairy-free.

There is a difference between frosting and dog treat icing. The frosting is thicker in consistency and is the better choice for piping decorations like stars and shells and spreading over a cake. It will dry hard and firm like a shell over the cake. It will be smooth in appearance. It will give a thicker coating to dipped treats as well. Use it to write names or messages.

Choose dog treat icing to flood an area with color. It will dry with a shiny, glossy look.

Questions about dog treat icing or dog cake frosting? Just drop a comment below!

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2 responses to “Dog Cake Frosting”

  1. Thanks for the clear description of the differences between the frosting and the icing.
    Q. Would you use the frosting to pipe an outline and then the icing to flood the area?

    • Hey Anne!

      Great Question! If you haven’t used our K9Cakery icing or frosting before it’s really fun to experiment with to get a feel for both products. I believe the icing can actually make it’s own flooding barrier pretty darn well by piping the outline and give it a little time and then fill in really depending on whether your using different colors or or seeking a more uniform look, if its the same color flooding then you can establish the line and then begin to fill in. you can aim for a consistency similar to a mollases with the icing for the best flood. Using frosting as a barrier is great if you want some texture and volume out of the final decorated product – as frosting can use different frosting tips and will allow for a mode defined line whereas an icing outline will appear uniform and to the flooding.

      Hope that Helps.

      -Chef Fido

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