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Dog Cake Recipe Shelf-Life Tips

You worked hard creating your dog cake recipe. Now make sure the finished product keeps!

“Do I need to use a mold inhibitor in my dog cake recipe?”

We are frequently asked this question.

Just as the name implies, this type of product prevents the growth of mold on a food product.

We have a product available for this very use. A mold inhibitor is a natural product and contains sugar-free potassium sorbate. Potassium sorbate stops yeast from reproducing and taking over!

This chemical compound is used in many products besides dog treats, such as wine, cheese, soaps, and lotions, to keep mold and yeast from growing in a moist environment. This increases the shelf life of these products.

Only a small amount is needed to preserve dog cakes and dog treats. This amount is not enough to cause toxicity. There are groups that roam the internet trying to scare you about using anything that is not a completely natural food substance, but this is not always practical for 21st-century business applications.

Recommended products for dog cake recipe use

Sugar-free mold inhibitors

This mold inhibitor contains water and potassium sorbate.

Ascorbic acid is also used to inhibit the growth of mold and comes in both liquid and powdered form. Powdered ascorbic acid can be added to dry ingredients and is shown here:

ascorbic acid powdered
Powdered Ascorbic Acid

The answer to the above question as to whether or not you need to use this type of product…

If you are using a dog cake recipe to make dog cakes or dog treats that will be eaten within a few days, you will not have to add the preservative. The baked items are not going to be around long enough for mold to start to grow!

Dog bakeries or dog treat businesses that plan on keeping their baked goods around for a longer period of time are typically the ones who have concerns and need to prolong the shelf-life. 


Another preservative commonly used by dog bakeries is a liquid antioxidant that prevents fat from spoiling:

This product will stabilize fats and oils and prevents spoilage in dairy products, baked products, sweets, and more.

We have pages dedicated to providing easy cake recipes with accompanying videos for you to watch and follow. Pick the recipe that appeals to your taste – your pet will love it too.

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