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Dog Holiday Treats

Make dog holiday treats so that when friends and family come to visit and bring their dogs, you have something for the dogs to join in the celebration. If you go to a holiday party, bring along your homemade holiday dog treats and have everyone, two-legged creatures as well, begging for more.

A special dog treats cookie cutter will provide the themed shapes you need to make beautiful holiday crafts and dog gifts.

Here’s a weird holiday idea. If your dog likes to keep your yard free of furry intruders, consider celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21 with squirrel shaped treats. (Squirrel Appreciation Day was created in 2001 by a wildlife rehabilitator.)

Find free dog treat recipes for:

Christmas dog treats

Valentine treats for dogs made with a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters in various sizes. Making these healthy homemade dog treats and then decorating them with dog frosting in different shades of red and pink is one of the original Valentine craft ideas you can do.

Halloween dog treats for simple, natural treats. Fill a Halloween themed dog bowl with treats dipped in orange dog icing for the four-legged trick-or-treaters that you are sure to see.

Make animal treats for Thanksgiving kids crafts. Thanksgiving-themed cookie cutters will be abundant around holiday time. Let the kids cut out dog biscuit turkeys and pumpkins.

Chanukah dog treats. Use Chanukah themed cookie cutters for menorahs and dreidels to cut out special dog biscuits.

Fourth of July cookies for dogs. Make striped dog treats by piping dog treat frosting in red, white and blue colors.

Football theme dog treats. Click this link for a “super bowl” of dog treats.

Easter dog treats. Make treats for easy Easter crafts and projects. Dog treat icing in pastel colors or yellow, blue, purple, and green colors will lend an Easter or spring feel to dog biscuits.

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