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Dog Liver Treats For Old Dogs

Dog liver treats are a popular snack. Read on for information about these dog treats that you should know.

Sharon writes: “I would like a recipe for an older dog made with liver.”

First off, let’s address some issues regarding liver as a food source.

Liver is an organ meat. Organ meats are typically high in cholesterol. The good news is that cholesterol does not have the same ill effects in dogs as it does in humans. Our vet expert writes that coronary artery disease is rare in canines.

An occasional dog liver treat is fine. Liver is high in Vitamin A and too much can cause health problems. Give it in small amounts two to three times a week at the most.

Liver dog treats recipe:

  • Boil either chicken or cow liver until it is cooked
  • Slice it into thin pieces
  • Lay it out on a cookie sheet
  • Place the cookie sheet in the oven set at 200 degrees
  • Let the liver slices dry out for approximately 3 hours in the warm oven
  • Give small pieces as a treat on occasion

This recipe makes great dog training treats because you can cut the liver strips into very small bite-size pieces.

It also makes good small dog treats because you can cut the liver strips into very small bite-size pieces.

Liver is a source of protein that is not high in fat. Humans have to watch their liver intake because of its high cholesterol, and both dogs and humans have to be careful not to take in too much Vitamin A.

For an older dog who is less active, fewer calories are needed. However, older dogs need a little more protein than their younger counterparts because their protein stores get depleted quicker. Keep their fat intake down.

Other things to consider for an older dog are possible other health issues. Depending on any of those, liver may or may not be an appropriate food choice.

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