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Dog Treat Frosting

Dog treat frosting, or dog treat icing, is used the same way you would use frosting on a human cake!

The best frosting we have found is an all-natural yogurt-based mix that had no fat and no sugar called Fido’s Frosting. When it dries, it dries hard and will not crack! We still have a frosted treat that was made several months ago with the frosting intact. (We use this one for show and tell!)

Fido’s Frosting will not melt in the heat, so we recommend it for a dog treat business located in a place with very hot summers, like Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and other western states where the temperatures get into triple digits! East Coast summers can be just as stifling. Dog bakeries have shipped frosted homemade dog treats across the country and reported that the frosting remained intact!

Follow the directions for mixing the dog treat frosting on the package. It is very easy – just add exactly the amount of water called for and stir.

This frosting is best used for piping decorations with an icing bag and cake icing tips and/or spreading over a dog cake or dog biscuit. It comes in a plain white powdered base.

Get the powdered coloring kit with 8 different colors and you can make colored icing. The colored gels also work out.

With a decorating tool and cake icing piping bag, you can add flowers and borders to dog cakes. Why serve just a plain-looking dog birthday cake! The dog won’t mind, we know, but the dog owners will be awed! Your cakes will be in demand. Make sure to post photos on your Facebook page and your website so that potential customers can see your artistic talents.

For extra gourmet-style treats, use a flavored frosting – there are quite a few to choose from.

For dipping dog biscuits, or to simply drizzle dog treat icing, use Fido’s Royal Icing for Dogs.

To find Fido’s Frosting, plus flavor additives (remember, you are selling your dog treats to the human dog owners who will be sure to pick up the treat and smell it).

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