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From Plain to Pampered: DIY Dog Treat Kits

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Customizable dog treat kits are an innovative new concept that allows bakery clients to offer DIY options to their own customers. These kits contain all the components needed for customers to decorate their own dog treats at home. 

The idea is that the bakery provides pre-baked dog treat bases along with a variety of frostings, toppings, and decorations. Their customers can then get creative and customize treats according to their own preferences.

This is a unique concept in the pet bakery industry. Traditionally, all treats would be fully decorated by the bakery before being sold. However, offering custom DIY kits allows for more customer engagement, satisfaction, and brand differentiation.  

The end result is a fun activity for pet owners and dogs, while also driving more business for the bakery. Essentially, these kits act as a secret weapon for bakers to increase sales and loyalty.

Benefits for Your Bakery

One of the biggest benefits of offering customizable dog treat kits is the ability to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. When customers have the option to create their own personalized treats for their pup, it makes for a more interactive and rewarding experience. 

Giving customers the freedom to choose their own flavors, shapes, and decorations caters directly to their preferences. This allows them to tailor treats that will appeal most to their dog’s tastes and dietary needs. The process of decorating and designing the final product themselves enhances the feeling of accomplishment when presenting their DIY creation to their pet.  

In addition, the kits provide a unique activity that dog owners can do with their pets. Letting customers craft their own treats encourages bonding time during the decorating process. And their dogs will be delighted with the customized, homemade result.

This not only improves the satisfaction of existing customers, but provides an unforgettable experience that turns one-time buyers into repeat, loyal customers. The personalized treat kits create an emotional connection between customers, their pets, and the brand. This gives businesses a powerful advantage in customer retention and building their reputation.

Components of Customizable Dog Treat Kits

Customizable dog treat kits contain all the components a customer would need to have a creative, DIY treat decorating experience. The kits should feature several parts that add to the fun and customization.

Pre-Baked Bases

The pre-baked treat bases form the foundation of each kit. These can be made from dog-safe ingredients like whole wheat flour, oats, peanut butter, etc. The bases can be made in fun shapes like bones, paw prints, hearts, fire hydrants. Having pre-baked bases allows the customer to get right to the fun part – decorating. It also ensures the treats are safe and healthy for dogs to enjoy.


Frostings add flavor and color to the treat decorating process. The kits can include a variety of frosting colors like red, blue, green, orange, and purple give the frosting festive appeal. By providing different frosting options, clients can offer their customers more customization options. 


Sprinkles, crumbles, and toppers provide final decorative touches. The kits can incorporate lots of fun toppings like banana chips, roasted coconut flakes, cookie crumbles, chocolate sprinkles, carob chips, etc. Novelty-shaped toppers like flowers, hearts, bones, and paw prints also allow the customer to get creative with their treat designs. With numerous decorations, the options are endless!

Marketing the Kits

Customizable dog treat kits offer excellent marketing potential for bakery clients looking to promote their business. By positioning the kits as a unique offering, clients can reinforce their brand image as an innovative industry leader. 

Social media promotions highlighting the customization options are a great way to generate buzz and engagement. Clients can post photos of the creatively decorated treats made with their kits and tell the story behind the kits. This helps promote the kits as a distinctive product not available from competitors.

Email marketing campaigns with compelling subject lines like “Unleash Tail-Wagging Delight with Our DIY Dog Treat Decorating Kit!” get the message across that these kits are all about customization and fun. Bakeries can really cater their messaging to specific customer segments who will find the most value in the kits.

The DIY aspect of the kits lends itself well to in-store workshops and events. Customers will enjoy learning how to decorate the treats themselves and then sharing their tasty creations on social media. This hands-on experience cements the branding and positions the Bakery as a fun, interactive business that customers will want to return to again and again.

With smart marketing focused on the customization factor and DIY experience, Bakeries can drive sales of the kits and stand out in a crowded market. Their unique offerings help attract new customers and get existing ones even more excited about the brand.

Pricing Considerations

Determining the right price point for customizable dog treat kits requires careful calculation of costs and desired profit margins. Bakery clients will need to factor in not just the base ingredients and packaging, but also the variety of frostings, toppings, and decorations included in the kits. 

Some pricing considerations include:

  • Base ingredients and packaging – What are the costs for the dog treat base, bags, boxes or other packaging used for the kits? Bakeries will want to source quality ingredients but keep costs reasonable.
  • Labor – Factor in labor costs for assembling and packing the kits. Efficiencies can be found through bulk preparation of components. 
  • Profit margins – Determine an ideal margin on the kits based on overheads and revenue goals. Markups of 2-3x cost are typical.
  • Variety and customization – More frosting flavors, toppings and decorations add costs but also allow for premium pricing. Balance variety and profitability.
  • Order quantities – Larger kit orders can warrant discounts. But minimums shouldn’t be set too high to accommodate small test batches. 
  • Target customer – Boutique bakeries may tolerate higher margins versus high-volume chains. Price according to customer expectation.
  • Competitor pricing – Research competitor kits or products to align pricing appropriately for the market.

With some upfront planning, bakeries can determine pricing that covers their costs for these unique kits while still providing value to their larger customers. The key is finding the sweet spot between affordability and profitability.

Product Development

Developing new customizable dog treat kit offerings should be an ongoing activity. This ensures a constantly refreshed selection that aligns with consumer trends and keeps customers engaged. Some tips include:

  •  Regularly surveying existing customers on new flavors, shapes, and decoration ideas they want for kits. This direct customer feedback provides valuable insight.
  •  Attending pet trade shows and monitoring social media conversations to identify popular dog treat trends. Track flavors and ingredients gaining buzz to inspire new kit products.
  •  Analyzing sales data to determine best-selling kits suitable for expansion into additional flavors. Also identify underperforming kits to potentially discontinue.
  •  Consider seasonal or holiday-themed kits and packaging.
  •  Introducing limited edition kits periodically to generate customer excitement. Creative combinations keep the kits novel.

Consistently developing and improving the product catalog ensures the kits remain competitive, align with market trends, and drive ongoing sales.

Partnership Opportunities

Dog treat businesses can further leverage customizable kits through strategic partnerships with other brands. This creates exciting co-branding and influencer collaboration possibilities.


Partnering with an established brand allows businesses to combine their products and customer bases for mutual benefit. For example, partnering with a popular pet food or treat company could allow the creation of co-branded kits using their ingredients. The partner brand brings an existing audience and credibility, while the treat kit business contributes their expertise in customized products. 

Co-branded kits present opportunities to cross-promote between brands and expand into new markets together. The partner brand can showcase the treat kits to their audience as a new offering, encouraging engagement and trial. Clear co-branding ensures both partners receive brand exposure and credit.

Influencer Collaborations

Influential pet owners, trainers and bloggers provide another avenue for partnership. Gifting customizable treat kits in exchange for reviews, social media posts or sponsored content leverages an influencer’s existing audience. Their fans trust product recommendations from them, so positive reviews of a customized kit can boost brand awareness.

Influencers with particular niches like dog sports or all-natural treats make relevant partners. A fitness influencer could help promote kits for low-calorie treats, or a dog trainer could feature kits for training treats. These niche partnerships ensure the treat kit aligns with the influencer’s expertise for authentic promotion.  

Strategic partnerships through co-branding or influencer campaigns allow dog treat businesses to expand their reach. Using customizable kits as leverage, they can collaborate with established brands or key figures to access new audiences. Partnerships based on aligned values and objectives generate win-win outcomes.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the use of customizable dog treat kits not only empowers clients in the bakery industry to boost customer engagement and foster brand loyalty but also offers a unique avenue for creativity and personalization. By providing a range of pre-baked bases, frostings, and decorations, businesses cater to diverse preferences and dietary requirements, ensuring a delightful and tailored experience for every furry customer. The undeniable benefits for bakeries, including product differentiation, heightened customer satisfaction, and the establishment of enduring connections, underscore the effectiveness of incorporating these kits into their offerings. As evidenced by tangible impacts on engagement and revenue, businesses embracing custom treat kits are well-positioned to thrive in the competitive pet treat market.

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