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How Dog Birthday Cakes DifferFrom Human Cakes

How dog cakes are different from human cakes

A frequently asked question: Are dog birthday cakes different from human cakes?

The answer: yes and no.

In fact, they are probably healthier!

The same human-grade ingredients used in regular cake baking are used to make a cake for a dog.

But when baking dog treats, you really want to stay away from sugar and fat. Dogs don’t really care about these ingredients. People are more interested in the taste of the food product. So a dog cake will taste bland and the texture will be dry.

A people cake has sugar and fat products. And people cake icing is full of sugar and fat. Hopefully, people know enough not to eat too much. Dogs eat what smells good to them.

Fortunately, the pet treat business is booming with healthy products for pets. There are healthy dog cake mixes and dog frosting mixes without sugar and fat, and some of the other products known to be the root of common dog allergies, like corn, or wheat, or soy.

If the ingredient is necessary, the part of the plant that doesn’t contribute to the allergic reaction is separated from the toxic part.

Many dog bakers are knowledgeable about the ingredients they use and how they affect dogs. “All-natural,” “organic,” and “sugar-free” are words that are popping up on dog treat products.

Dog treats baking is not necessarily about the taste. But dog bakers do take pride in the presentation of their treats. Think about it. Who is the real customer? The dog will eat a treat if it’s blue, green, or plain. But dog owners love to look at the decorations and the theme.

A canine birthday boy or girl will eat a pet treat based on what his or her nose detects!

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