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How to Market Your Dog-Sitting Business And Stand Out From The Crowd

How do you advertise your dog-sitting business? Word of mouth? On the internet? Distribute flyers?

One way to get noticed and stand out from any other pet sitter business is to use an edible business card!

No, no, I don’t mean to make an actual business card that you can eat!

Here’s a great idea that other dog sitters are not using:

  • Make a batch of easy homemade dog treats. Use a homemade dog biscuit mix because it takes all the guesswork out of it and cuts down on time spent making mistakes!
  • Put the finished treats into decorator bags or other dog treat packaging. You don’t have to use a lot of treats – three to five depending on the size. That way you will have plenty to make a few bagfuls from one box of mix.
  • Stick on a label with your contact information (name, email, website, phone number, whatever you use). You can also print a little clever slogan playing off the dog treats. For example, “Treat your dog well. Use Cathy’s Dog Sitting Service.” Or “Donna’s Pet Sitting Business is something to bark about!” (These are just examples…) Peruse pet sites on the internet to spark creative ideas.
  • Give these packages to your clients as a thank-you gift for hiring you.
  • Give out packages to potential clients as a little token for their dogs and as a way to get them to remember you!
  • Give an extra package to your better clients and ask them to pass it on to one of their friends who could use your services.

You will get to be known as the dog sitter who brings the dog treats and sweetens the visit. If you really want to be different, if you are sitting in a client’s house, actually bake fresh treats using one of the silicone dog treat molds and a treat mix that you can actually carry with you!

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