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Making Dog Treats

A reader asks:

“Do you know of a training program that teaches making dog treats?”
-Aimee from the UK

Aimee, thank you for your question. Guess what. With the availability of dog bakery supplies including pre-made mixes for dog cakes and dog biscuits, you can create your own training program just by baking dog treats in your own kitchen!

Home-made dog treats are quite the rage because dog owners are taking a huge interest in their pets’ health.

There are recipes on this site. We make it a point to post photos of the dog treats we make. We are not professional bakers, and we don’t try to come off as such. That’s why we keep our site looking “homemade” – to show others that they can do the same thing if they want to!

A new dog cake recipes site that we recommend is called DogCakeWorld.com which is sponsored by our favorite dog bakery supply company, K9Cakery.com. You can find videos on the site that take you step-by-step through various dog treat recipes.

In addition, Frosting Fran from K9Cakery has a YouTube channel: FrostingFran, where you can find videos on how to mix dog treat icing, frost a dog cake, and other creative dog treat ideas.

If you want to become a professional baker, then it might be worth your while to take a cake decorating class. There is a set of skills that the pro decorators and bakers develop that comes with practice. A class can teach you the basics.

But if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, and just enjoy baking at home, get the cute silicone paw print baking pan that you see in the right column or any other cake pan and start baking!

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