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Making Non-Refrigerated Icing for Dog Treats: Get the Scoop on Hassle-Free Pampering

Join us as we explore the world of non-refrigerated dog treat icing and discover how it could make dog treat baking and decorating an even more enjoyable experience for professional bakers and dog owners alike.

Problem with Common Dog Treat Icings

As you’ve probably experienced, creating dog treats topped with frosting or icing can be a delight. However, there’s a catch: many delicious toppings require refrigeration.

To Chill, or Not to Chill

The need for refrigeration arises when the icing includes perishable ingredients like cream cheese. While these items add a nice flavor to the treats, they need to be kept in controlled conditions to prevent them from going bad – meaning you’ll have the added hassle of safely storing icing and iced treats until they’re all gone.

Problems with Refrigeration

  • It takes up refrigerator space, which could be better used for other perishable items.
  • Icing can often become hard and harder to apply after refrigeration as opposed to when first applied.
  • Treats need to be eaten in a short time frame to prevent spoilage.

The Ideal Solution – Non-Refrigerated Dog Treat Icing

While refrigerated icings have their merits, many bakers and pet owners crave a more convenient store decorated dog treats. Enter non-refrigerated dog treat icing!

Non-refrigerated dog treat icing eliminates the need for chilled storage, making the process more convenient and providing a longer shelf life for those tasty treats. Our go-to product for non-refrigerated icing is our very own MagiFrost Tapioca Dog Treat Icing Mix.

MagiFrost Dog Treat Icing: A Closer Look

What makes our products unique?

We specialize in products that cater to the unique needs of pet bakeries and pets. Our icing products are no exception. Our 10-ounce tapioca-based dog treat icing mix is a standout item that takes the hassle out of treat time.

This product bypasses the need for refrigeration — a true game-changer in the world of pet treats. Made with all-natural, safe ingredients for dogs, the icing mix offers a delightful taste that dogs go gaga over.

Using MagiFrost Dog Treat Icing Mix

Using our dog treat icing products is a breeze! Once prepared, unused icing can simply be stored in an airtight bag or container until you’re ready to finish using on your next batch of treats. There’s no need to take up precious fridge space.

While the prepared icing does have a decent shelf life, it is always best to use it within a few days of preparing for maximum freshness and flavor.

How to Make Non-Refrigerated Icing using K9Cakery products

Creating non-refrigerated icing using K9Cakery.com products is an easy-peasy process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Follow the instructions on the packet closely. This involves adding a measured amount of water to your mix, depending on how much icing you need
  • Stir the mix and your water together until you have a smooth, well-blended icing
  • Add any dog-safe food coloring to achieve the colors you need
  • Use this icing to decorate your baked or store-bought dog treats
  • Allow them to set (overnight if possible)

Just like that, you have perfectly decorated dog treats that do not require refrigeration! Place any leftover icing mix in an airtight container for use on your next batch of dog treats!

Our pets are our precious companions, and we want to offer them the best. With non-refrigerated dog treat icing, we can give them deliciously decorated treats without the fuss of refrigeration.

Get your hands on our MagiFrost Dog Treat Icing available in 10 oz and 10 lbs sizes (or larger for dog treat bakeries – just ask!)

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2 responses to “Making Non-Refrigerated Icing for Dog Treats: Get the Scoop on Hassle-Free Pampering”

  1. I’ve used your icing previously. But what is dog-safe food coloring? Is it other than regular food coloring?

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of being a loyal customer of yours for many wonderful years, and I must say that Chef Fido’s commitment to using premium ingredients and safe food colorings is a testament to his love for our furry friends. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing products and the delightful touch that Chef Fido brings to them. Here’s to many more years of tail-wagging joy!
    ~ Much Puppy Love from Doggie Bag Biscuits

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