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Marketing with Homemade Dog Treats

Use homemade dog treats to get your dog treat business on the map! No one has to know whether or not you made them in your own kitchen or in an industrial one. Unless the FDA starts looking into baking for pets, you are safe (and we will update this information!)

Dog bakeries all have their own “secret recipes” or “family recipes passed down from generation to generation”. As long as your product is good and healthy, customers won’t be all that concerned as to where the recipe came from. However, if you can come up with a good story, it will help make the product special.

Dog treat manufacturers are jumping on the health-conscious bandwagon to provide numerous dog treat varieties. There are grain-free dog treats for dogs with specific allergies, organic dog treats, peanut butter flavored, treats for fresh breath, treats with meat products, treats with fish, vegetarian, vegan, and on and on.

Whatever is available on the shelves in your favorite pet store, you can duplicate for your own “dog bakery.” Even better, YOUR dog treats will be fresh and original. Chances are very good they won’t last long enough for you to have to worry about shelf-life like suppliers to big stores have to do.

Pick a product that you would love to make and would be inclined to give your own dogs. You will be able to promote something that has personal meaning the best. The easiest and quickest way to get noticed is to come up with an idea that the competition is not using.

Many dog bakers use their own dogs as official taste testers. And if your dog is finicky? All the better! If your finicky pet loves your treats, you have a great marketing dog treats angle.

If you are not particularly fond of baking from scratch, you do not have to! There are quick and easy dog cake and dog biscuit mixes available. All you have to do is water and one or two other ingredients (cakes require eggs) depending on the flavor you want, mix it, and bake.

There are no-bake recipes as well.

Use a mix for dog treat icing and you can create a beautifully decorated dog treat.

Going to a party at a house that has dogs? Bring a dog gift basket filled with your homemade treats for a unique surprise. Every dog lover appreciates a gift for the dog.

Besides, this is a great do-it-yourself way to promote your dog business. You will become the “go-to” person in your circle of friends!

Make your homemade dog treats stand out by using a paw print silicone cake pan mold:

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