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Oh Cracked Icing, Why Thou Art Betraying My Treats?

How to prevent cracked icing on your next batch of decorated dog treats

Before we dip our paws into the fixes for cracked icing on your beautiful dog treats and cakes, let’s clear the air on one point – in most cases, it’s not our Fido’s Frosting that’s got a penchant for cracks. The betrayal comes from down under – The Treat itself. It’s elementary my dear Watson, and by Watson, I mean our dear fellow dog treat bakers!

The Case of the Vanishing Moisture

Ever baked a treat so delectable, so fluffy, so … moist?

Well, sometimes when your treat is too thick, it has some residual moisture trapped inside, sneakier than your doggo eyeing the chicken roast. Post-baking, you let them cool, apply the icing, and voilà – these beauties are ready to be gobbled by your furry friend.

But then cracks in the icing start to show. Blame it on physics or your late-night binge-watching of baking shows; the treat is still drying and shrinking while the icing is trying to set solid. No room to breathe makes the icing crack🚀.

This can be kept at bay by making sure your treats are so dry they snap when you break them. Go the extra mile, do a milk bone test. Apply the icing to a store-bought milk bone and watch our dear Fido’s Frosting pass with flying colors.

A Gluten-Free World Isn’t Always Pup-Perfect

Seems like the gluten-free God doesn’t look upon the baking world too kindly.

Gluten is the invisible hand in the baking world, holding everything together with its sticky charm. Take it away, and you have a crumbly rebellion on your hands.

Apply that wonderful icing on a gluten-free treat, wait for the magic to happen, but alas, the icing cracks…

The solution? It’s simple – just coat the treat with an extra layer of icing to give it the strength to withstand time and the roving tongue of your beloved pup.

Tricky Designs and Their Unintended Cracked Icing Aftermath

Dreamt of intricate designs that would put Picasso to shame? Well, your masterpiece has other plans.

When you plan intricate designs without a solid base, the icing might feel left out and end up shrinking, drying out, and leaving behind a trail of cracks.

Serving up some decent advice in three parts – It’s always best to apply a base coat that gives the icing something to cling to, like a long-lost friend. Then skilfully draw your intricate designs onto this icing base. You’ve just created an edible masterpiece that shouts longevity and love from the rooftops!

To recap – In most cases, it’s not the icing that’s the villain here rather it’s a series of unfortunate events that seem to bruise its sweet integrity. From moist centers, lack of gluten, to intricate designs with shy bases – the cracked icing usually has an alternate tale to tell. So strap on your detective cap and let’s solve and these baking mysteries together, one crumble at a time.

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