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Organic Dog Treats

Organic dog treats are simply dog treats made with organic ingredients.

The ingredients cannot have been grown with the use of pesticides, prohibited fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms for pest control. If it’s a meat, poultry, or egg product, then the animal cannot have been fed antibiotics or chemicals. Food additives are also not allowed in organic products.

Organic food labels are only placed on products that have passed a rigorous inspection process.

To carry an organic label on the package, the food product has to be certified by the USDA’s National Organic Program, a government agency. This is why organic products that have are usually more expensive.

Some people will say they taste better, and others will notice no difference.

Will your dog care? Probably not.

If you are making homemade dog treats, then using all natural products should ensure healthy dog treats.

A search through blogs and websites focusing on home made dog treats and their comment sections reveals questions about using organic ingredients. The final result that most tend to agree upon is that it is a more costly way to go.

But it’s up to your own judgment. Dog treats are not intended to be a food substitute, so the amount of animal protein and the amount of vegetable or fruit will not be massive.

There are dog bakeries committed to organic baking, and you can find a variety of treats if you do not wish to make your own.

Organic treats are not the same thing as grain-free dog treats, hypoallergenic dog treats or allergy free dog treats.

Banana dog treats can easily be made with one of the organic dog treat recipes that you always use. Just adapt organic ingredients for the ones given here. Read this post about organic treats for dogs that elaborates on a simple trick to make bananas sweeter.

These organic yogurt drops are freeze-dried and fruity. They are small in size and make excellent dog training treats.

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