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Small Dog Treats

Not all dog treats are created equal.

Small dog treats are going to be exactly that – small!

Of course big dogs can eat them too but don’t expect a Great Dane to be satisfied if you give him a treat made for a Yorkie. On the other hand, a medium or large biscuit that a German Shepherd would quickly gulp down may require a lot of nibbling and chewing from a Pomeranian.

Just be sure that a treat for a small dog will not pose a choking hazard. Stay away from very hard treats that are difficult to chew. By no means let the small dog have nuts.

Another good idea for treats for small dogs is to make a yogurt treat: dip small pieces of kibble into dog treats yogurt icing for an instant yogurt treat.

A gentleman whose job it is to transport small dog breeds like Chihuahuas told me that he likes to give his cargo yogurt treats before the trip to keep the dog’s blood sugar even. That way they will stay alert while confined in their cage during the journey.

Yogurt also provides calcium to ensure healthy bone development in dogs, just like in humans, and can aid in digestion, just like in humans.

A nice little small treat I have found is an organic yogurt drop that will melt in the dog’s mouth.

These treats can also be used as dog training treats for small or large dogs. In fact, they are tasty enough to use as human training treats. Made from human-grade ingredients, no one will know they are for dogs.

Make homemade small treats using a special dog-themed baking pan. One, in particular, is a pan of 15 small paw-prints, which offers the perfect size. There are tiny dog bone cookie cutters and cookie cutters that come in various dog-theme shapes, so fashionable small treats just for dogs and dog lovers can be made.

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