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There is a lot of dog humor out there. Does your dog make you laugh? Does he ever do something that is just too funny and you wish you captured it on video or in a photo?

We disagree with anyone who says that pets do not have their own personalities. They want your attention, they want to be included in whatever it is you are doing, and they work at outsmarting you to get what they want. It has been reported that some of them are at least as smart as a 5-to-6-year-old child (and we know some of you will debate that and say they are smarter than your boss…)

Dog humor dogs on bed

Anyone with “multiple pet syndrome” will be able to relate to this cartoon! This image has been shared around and is a good one to use to generate laughs among pet owner clients and customers. For example, if you are selling beds and mattresses, you can point out the need for a king-size bed in homes that have pets because everyone will want to sleep there at the same time.

Thanks to the internet and social sharing sites like Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook, you can easily find examples of humor with dogs. Here is a popular humor image shared by Haute or Not Pets on a Facebook page:

Dog Humor In Dishwasher

Dog owners may have experienced the same situation with their own pets. They love to see that someone else has done it as well, so they will share these photos among themselves.

Here’s a little marketing tip for anyone who has a pet business. Create emotional connections with your customers through humor.

Use the links below to find images that you can use to accomplish this goal:

1) Dog Humor on Pinterest

Just grab the pins you like and “repin” to your own board. That’s what makes Pinterest so easy. You don’t have to go searching around for new images if you don’t want to!

2) Facebook

Visit this page and you can see the popular images. Just click “share” and send it to your own page and followers and watch the “likes” start pouring in.

3) Email This Page

If you know anyone with a dog business, email this page to them and explain why it is important to get on board the social sharing phenomenon. We will be happy to answer any questions or help you get started. Just click the little icon at the top of the page that looks like an envelope!

Quotes about dogs printed on reusable shopping bags will surely get the attention of other shoppers and are an innovative way to promote your business.

You can put them on T-shirts, hats, shoes, anything you wish. Pillows with dog humor and sayings make wonderful dog-lover gifts.

CafePress allows you to create customized gitfs and items. Just click the image and it will take you to their store to browse for ideas.

cookie cutters

If you want something different and unique, maybe handmade dog crafts, please let us know. We will be happy to put you in touch with a crafter who can bring your idea to life!

We have been in touch with a crafter who can turn dog sayings and dog humor into works of art with unbreakable material and a beautiful chain for hanging. These make wonderful pet owner gifts. See K9 Quotables for more about this.

Lovers of a particular dog breed love to decorate their homes with crafts and photos related to that breed. They will even wear T-shirts with a photo of their beloved breed. You will never go wrong with a dog gift featuring their chosen breed: on a pillow, a coffee mug, a shopping bag, etc. in any shape or style.

Please fee free to share any of the images you find on the Facebook page above, or if you like, send your own images to K9DogTreats and we will create a page just for you. Then you can upload to Pinterest or share it elsewhere.

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