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Quotes About Dogs

Here are some more of our favorite quotes about dogs, and some personalized sayings from our own dog:

To err is human, to forgive, canine.

Forget the shrink! Pet a puppy lick your face!

Whoever gets the squeaker out first, wins!

(My human wrote that one…)

Quotes about dogs no dogs on sofa

An interesting social phenomenon is occurring where people are circulating their favorite quotes on the internet. The image above can be pinned onto a Pinterest board, or circulated via Facebook. This is good way to connect with your clients and customers who are dog lovers especially if you have a pet business.

more love than one dog

More quotes:

You do not own a dog, the dog owns you.

In dog years I’m dead!

A piece of grass a day keeps the vet away.

A dog is a dog except when facing you. Then he is Mr. Dog.

Wag your tail, not your tongue!

Some days you’re the dogs, some days you’re the hydrant….

No such thing as too many chewed tennis balls.

Bet I can hold more tennis balls in my mouth.

Did someone say “WALK”?

No problem, I know what W-A-L-K spells

My dog is smarter than your fifth grader.


There are dog quote boards springing up all over Pinterest. Join in the fun and start pinning to your own. Start with the image up above. First you will have to sign in at Pinterest and set up a board. Then just click on the little “Pin” icon below the image and it will automatically be placed onto your board. Invite your friends and others to start following you and also invite them to “repin” your images.

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