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Top Dog Quotes & Images

We have compiled some of the most popular dog quotes and images that have achieved virality on the internet. Many of these can be found making their way across the Facebook community and on Pinterest boards.

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This beautiful dog image has been circulating. The originating website is written on the side of the photo.

Here’s a pet business marketing tip: engage your clients and customers with emotional content. People love sayings that have a personal meaning. Pet lovers are particularly sentimental about their own pets. Certain quotes have deep emotional meaning. These are the ones that seem to be copied and sent across the internet.

If you do not have a Facebook page or a Pinterest board, or some other way of connecting on the web, change it now. All of those services are absolutely free and part of everyday 21st century life.

You would not be reading this information if it weren’t for something referred to as “online”.

To make it easy for you to get started, we will offer the following links for sources of the top quotes and dog images. These sources continually add and update and you can see the response from others. Just click the blue links:

1) Pinterest Dog Quotes

Grab some quotes off this board and “repin” to your own. “Follow” to keep in touch to see when new images are added.

2) Facebook

Join this community and not only get great dog quotes, but information about making homemade dog treats. Two for one! If you see a quote you like, just hit the “share” button and send it to your own page so you can show it to your friends and followers. Then watch the comments and Likes pour in.

3) Email

At the top of this page, click the envelope icon and send this page ASAP to anyone you know who has a dog business and is not connecting with their customers online. (Believe it or not, there are still some home-based businesses who do not even have an email address.)

Or share it via the other social sharing modalities. (Which one you use depends on what your friends are comfortable with.)

my dog makes me smile

Quotes about dogs are popular. Creating dog crafts around them makes for unique dog gifts for your dog lover friends. People sometimes love a particular breed, so they will have all kinds of household items devoted to that breed. You can never go wrong giving a gift about that breed. There are quotes that fit specific dog breeds that they will surely enjoy. Any pet lover will appreciate a gift about their pet.

A unique dog quote gift can be found here: K9 Quotables. The artist creates an unbreakable hanging piece that is a perfect display item for a wall or over a door handle.

K9 Quotables.jpg

Give the gift of a decorative pillow with a dog saying on it. A selection can be found here:

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