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Cheap Dog Treats

Are cheap dog treats healthy dog treats?

Yes and no.

Yes – especially if you are making your own with healthy ingredients!

No – if you buy certain bulk brands loaded with unhealthy stuff!

There is a huge selection of dog treats available.

First of all, check the packaging to see where the treats are manufactured. Safe dog treats will have “made in the USA” written clearly on the package – these are manufactured in facilities that are inspected and have strict product guidelines.

There have been warnings about dog treats made in China that may contain contaminants that are toxic to pets. One in particular that has been implicated is chicken jerky dog treats.

If you choose to buy treats from a pet store or supermarket, check the ingredients to make sure there is actually nutritional value for your dog in them. Some pet treats are just made with filler materials such as corn and pressed together into a pretty shape.

You can buy bulk dog treats made in the USA with all-natural ingredients. Surfing the internet will turn up companies that make these and sell them.

If you want to sell discounted treats, either in your own store or from an online business, wholesale accounts will get you the best prices.

Be selective with gourmet dog treats to make sure that you aren’t buying an item that is loaded with fat and sugar (which is why it looks so beautiful and tasty!) Extra calories are not necessary.

Read more about dangerous dog treats. When you make your own homemade dog treats, you will always know exactly what ingredients are being used! Be careful when buying pet treats made in other countries that do not have stringent regulations found in the USA.

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