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DIY Crafted Dog Treats: Piñata

Consider do-it-yourself (DIY) craft dog treats if you are planning to celebrate a dog’s birthday and are inviting kids as well.

Although the dog attendees will probably enjoy the company of the dog attendees, and will definitely enjoy the dog party treats, there will be dog owners of the humankind involved as well. And if anyone is bringing young kids, there need to be activities that will keep them interested.

You can play doggie games, but a great way to keep younger children busy is with kids’ crafts.

By the way, do-it-yourself crafts, also known as DIY crafts, are also fun crafts easy for kids.

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a craft dog treat pinata.

What you need:

  • Large pinata – can be bought from a store like Target or Walmart. We suggest buying one already made because younger children will not have the patience to create one from scratch. They will take more delight in putting things inside of it.
  • Dog toys – if you are inviting small dogs, you can use small tennis balls, small chew toys, and small stuffed toys.
  • Small homemade dog treats and homemade dog biscuits.
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Stick or bat to hit the pinata
  • Blindfold
  • Adult supervision
  • Make your own small dog treats as a chance to show off your creative skills. Click here for some easy dog treat recipes.

Have the kids place a few treats into a piece of cellophane and help them tie it up into a little package with the ribbon.

This next part is important: let the kids take turns putting the cellophane packages inside the pinata! Then, give them the small dog toys to place inside as well.

Do this craft dog treats session towards the beginning of the canine birthday party so there is something very special for the children to look forward to.

When it comes time to smash the pinata, make sure the dogs are being held. It is a better idea for the children to grab the dog toys and dog treats and bring them to the dogs than to turn the dogs loose to “choose” their own.

Just keep in mind at any dog event that some dogs may be protective about their food, and some may think that all the food is theirs. Each owner should know how to control their individual dog.

Here’s another craft for kids to help out with – a homemade dog collar!

Want to really wow your guests? Make a homemade dog birthday cake as well. Place candles on top (you can make the age in human years for more fun) and let your own child have the honors!

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