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Starting a Craft Business for Dogs

Think about starting a craft business focusing on dog crafts and do-it-yourself crafts that are dog-themed if you answer yes to the following questions:

  • Do you love dogs?
  • Do you love creating your own homemade gifts?

The next question you may entertain:

  • Will you make a lot of money?

The answer: if making a lot of money is your sole motivation, then it’s probably not the right choice for you. If DIY crafts are your hobby, your passion, or you have a strong interest in them, then who knows. You may be able to parlay your passion into a profitable home business if you have an interest in working from home. The craft business has a lot of demand. Look at stores like Michael’s that just sell craft supplies! It’s a huge company and constantly growing bigger.

Look at eBay and Etsy – both have huge followings related to crafts for sale.

  • Will you have fun?

If you enjoy DIY crafts, the answer is absolutely yes!

Furthermore, you don’t even have to be the one actually making the crafts. You can write about other peoples’ work or crafts in general through blogging, on a website, or any of the social media sites. And, there are other ways to make money instead of selling an actual product.

We will cover some of those ideas here in a discussion of craft business marketing, the dog treats business, and marketing pet products in general.

The pet industry is growing by leaps and bounds with innovative products constantly hitting the market. The dog treat business has taken off and you see dog bakeries springing up.

People love their pets and dogs especially are treated like one of the family. The dog has become the replacement for kids for empty nesters and for childless “parents”. People who live alone enjoy the company of another living being.

The baby boomer demographic consists of 80 million, so that’s plenty of people who will have kids moving out and plenty of people who will end up living by themselves. Plenty of opportunity for dog-themed products to find an audience.

Breed specific dog gifts are taking off. Pet lovers will buy anything and everything related to their beloved dog breed. Examples include dog quotes and sayings about their specific breed of pet, and dog humor.

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