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Dog Cupcakes

Dog cupcakes are the perfect kids’ craft ideas for a rainy day or when you hear the infamous words: “I’m bored!”

These diy crafts can involve the entire family for a group project, or you can simply set the kids up with the materials and let them have fun.

The All Natural Cake Kit for Dogs manufactured by K9Cakery.com is made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and is an easy way to make cupcakes for dogs.

Box Art Cake Kit For Dogs

Each dog treat kit includes a package of dog cake mix and a package of Fido’s Frosting dog treat icing mix. All you have to do is add a few kitchen ingredients and stir. You do not need an electric mixer, so it is safe for the young ones. You can even use it in the microwave oven to make the dog cakes (just follow the instructions for microwave dog treats on the back of the box.)

Fido’s Frosting dries hard and will not melt. It is made with all natural yogurt powder that dogs love. Because it is sugar free, it will not be pleasing to the human palate, but kids don’t seem to mind. They love to “taste” the cupcakes for dogs at demonstrations.

When all finished, the mini dog cakes can look like this:

dog cupcakes

A leaf green powdered coloring was added to the dog treat frosting for the color. Sprinkles were minimally applied on top. Makes a beautiful display. No refrigeration is necessary. The frosting dries hard so no need to worry about making a mess when the dog eats the cupcakes.

No cake decorating experience or baking experience is necessary!

Have a dog party or donate the dog treats to your favorite dog rescue organization for a fundraiser.

Just be sure to keep the cakes out of reach of the dog! Dogs have sharp noses and the yogurt frosting is extremely appealing to them. Some of them like to lick the frosting, just like humans!

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