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Dog Gifts and Dog Owner Gifts – Ideas

Dog gifts are always appreciated by dog owners. And of course, ultimately by the dogs receiving them!

Home-made dog treats make original, unique ideas for pet gifts or to put in pet gift baskets. A gift of decorated dog treats shows that you put a lot of time and effort in and that you think highly of the recipient.

Make a batch of homemade dog biscuits or dog treats for a friend’s dog’s birthday. People who love their pets LOVE to talk about their birthdays. The celebration of dog birthdays and dog birthday parties is now a huge trend.

Dogs and cats are becoming the new breed of grandchildren (pardon the pun). People consider their pets part of the family, and will often include their names on gift cards as well.

So jump into these trends!

Pack a doggy-themed dog treat bag full of goodies or use themed packaging for dog treats with paw-printed ribbons or bows to dress things up.

Create your own original dog treat gift basket.

Some dog owners are fanatical about their dog’s breed. They know everything about the breed and may have three or four dogs of the same kind. They will always appreciate dog gifts featuring their beloved breed with a photo, painting, or if you are creative enough, a dog cake with the likeness of that breed drawn in dog treat icing.

Do you have a dog-sitting business?

Are you a dog groomer, a dog walker, run a doggie daycare or veterinary office? If so, consider making your own dog owner gifts to show you the appreciation that your clients chose you.

A homemade dog lover gift definitely comes from the heart!

Click here for a completely, new original dog lover gift called K9 Quotables. It is an art metal framed dog quote that can be personalized to a dog, from a dog to a dog lover, and more.

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