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Easy Dog Biscuit Recipe History

The easy dog biscuit recipe is the best thing for dogs since sliced turkey.

Dogs know the difference between their regular dog food and a dog biscuit treat. Biscuits are typically hard, dry and crunchy. There are traditional flavors used but if you make your own, you can be creative. Flour is one of the main ingredients of dog biscuits and is a source of carbohydrates.

Do you know the history of the dog biscuit?

The story goes that it was invented by accident. A London butcher in the 1800’s was trying out a new recipe for biscuits. After tasting his creation, he realized he could never sell it to his customers so he gave it to his dog. The dog loved it. So he started baking his recipe on the shape of a bone and customers bought it for their dogs.

In 1908 an American businessman brought the biscuit to the United States and patented the idea in 1911. The biscuit became known as “Milkbone” in 1915 because cow’s milk was the main ingredient. This was the only commercially available dog biscuit until the 1960’s.

This brand is still sold today, and milk is one of the main ingredients. The treat comes as small biscuits or large sized ones.

You can make your own “milk” biscuits with a homemade biscuit mix and the addition of low-fat milk if you like. But since milk out of the bottle is not a recommended foodstuff for dogs, substitute soy milk, low-fat cheese, or plain unsweetened yogurt for a more digestible dairy-based dog biscuit.

Did you know that the dog biscuit has its own holiday? You have probably never celebrated it before…businesses don’t close for this one. February 23 is called International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.

Try out some easy dog biscuit recipes.

Take a look at the choices for biscuit molds in which you can make home made dog biscuits in either the regular oven or the microwave.

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