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Find handmade crafts for pets in this new online marketplace devoted to pet crafts!


Shop for all pets including dogs, cats, horses, ferrets.

You can buy directly or through an auction.

Find an individual craft store that makes unique and original pet crafts and you can have special gifts for your pet lover friends that you can’t find elsewhere.

Don’t settle to mass produced merchandise that everyone can buy at big box retail stores. Gifts of items like those may be easy to give but a handmade item show that you put thought into the process.

Is there something you know your friend is looking for but can’t find anywhere?

Let us know and we will find someone who can create it.

This marketplace has the largest collection of pet bakeries under one roof. You can’t go wrong sending a gift of pet treats. Stop by and look at the incredible selection of dog treat, cat treats, horse treats, and small animal treats.

Send a handmade dog birthday cake to celebrate a dog’s birthday.

You can find Valentine treats, Christmas treats, Hanukkah treats, Easter treats and other holiday treats.

Items are reasonably priced. You are dealing with small shops so personal care and a personal touch will be added – you can’t get that in a big retail store!

The vendors who make handcrafted items do it because it is their passion. They put love into their work. Your pet loving friends will be grateful you thought of them and their pets like this!t

Please support this new endeavor if you love pets and animals. Show the vendors that you appreciate their interest and creativity and go over right now:


There are dog leashes, dog beds, natural grooming products for pets, and more unique items.

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