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Healthy Treats, Happy Dogs: Why Hand-Crafted Dog Treats are Worth the Effort

Healthy dog treats are always in vogue, whether you have a dog treat business, or are a dog owner. As nutritional trends change for people, they change as well for our pets. What was once considered healthy, may not currently be due to advances in scientific research and nutritional studies.

There is a trend toward humanizing our pets and attributing our own emotions and lifestyle habits to them. For example, little dogs are often dressed up according to where their owner is going, and when the weather becomes colder, dog owners buy their dogs a coat or vest.

Keep in mind that dogs are still dogs. Their body temperature normally runs higher than a person’s, and what we consider cold, may be comfortable to a dog.

The same goes for dog treats. What is necessary for a human may not hold credence for a dog. There are some people who will jump on the bandwagon with whatever the masses are touting.

Be informed. We feature a wide variety of healthy dog treats on this site. We provide information about the pros and cons of the ingredients. We show you how to make dog treats, and will offer dog treat recipes that are simple and do not require a lot of baking or kitchen experience. Here’s a few of our offers:

All-Natural Dog Treat Recipes

Dog Biscuit Recipes

Easy Dog Treat Recipes

Holiday-Themed Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treats

We even have information about dangerous dog treats and which ingredients to avoid in your dog treats due to potentially harmful effects. Otherwise, the treats we feature are healthy ones.

We would not tell you to give your dog a treat that we wouldn’t offer to our own pet.

Your comments and questions are important to us. We enjoy hearing from our readers and want to offer complete information to help them provide the best for their pets.

Please make use of the comment form below and ask questions. You do not have to identify yourself if you do not want to. Ask about a recipe for dog treats. Ask us about the dog treat business. Ask us about putting up your own website. Just Ask!

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