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Home Made Dog Treat Making Dog Party

Want a fun idea for a get-together that could include dogs?

Host a homemade dog treat-making party in your kitchen or backyard.

It would be just like a scrapbooking party, only everyone would make dog treats instead.

Ask each guest to bring their funniest or weirdest cookie cutter or cake pan, and make up a batch of original dog treats.

People will enjoy decorating them. This would make a great theme for a kid’s party as well. Wrap up the treats in bright dog treat packaging and each child would have their own creation to bring home.

No need to worry about how the treats and biscuits turn out…the recipient dogs will be happy to sample them just the same.

Take photos to post on Facebook or make a video to put up on Youtube to share with friends and family. It will certainly be an original idea not offered elsewhere.

Get people to vote on which is the best, the most unique, the weirdest, the ugliest, etc. Kids always have fun doing these types of activities.

This would also be a great rainy day activity if you need to entertain kids at home.

In addition to voting on the homemade treats, give prizes for the dog treat packaging.

By the way, we suggest human prizes for humans….but you knew that!

A variation on this would be to bake human cakes and cookies using dog-themed baking tools. Again, this would entertain young kids as they would get a kick out of “eating dog biscuits”. Kids like to do things that make adults say “Ew.”

Check out the easy dog treat recipes that are available.

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