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Homemade Dog Treats Anyone Can Make

Just because they are homemade dog treats doesn’t mean they have to look “homemade” or boring.

And “homemade” doesn’t mean second-rate either.

Do-it-yourself projects are very popular. The dog treat business is a booming one. Many home-based bakers create their own delicious treats with original decorations. They may not choose to take it to the next step and actually set up a business, but they may offer their treats as giveaways at dog events, or for dog charities or fundraisers.

If you have kids, get them involved…especially when it comes to the decorations. The same type of decorations that are used for kids’ birthday cakes and cupcakes should not be used for dogs because of the high sugar content. Humans like the sweet taste, but dogs are not that picky!

homemade dog biscuits

There are many options available to dress them up and turn them into gourmet dog treats. We offer a slew of ideas for decorated dog treats and how to make simple designs with a fork or other kitchen utensils.

Make your dog treats sparkle with edible glitter in rainbow colors or gold or silver. Just make sure to use glitter made specifically for dogs which you can find through a dog bakery supply company.

Finish your dog cakes or dog biscuits with dog treat icing. There are various flavors to choose from. Remember – you have to please your human customer as well as the four-legged one!

Keep up-to-date with the latest flavors that dog owners believe are the healthiest for their dogs. Find a specific type of treat that you can easily make and become known as the dog baker who makes that type of treat the best! For example, choose a specific niche like grain-free treats, organic, or all-natural. Become well-known for your peanut butter-flavored cakes or carob chip creations. Or, get noticed as the most creative dog birthday cake baker.

The key is to pick the treats that you yourself enjoy baking and concentrate on those. You can’t be all things to everyone. If you are not enjoying the homemade dog treats you are baking, you will quickly lose interest.

See healthy dog treat recipes for a list of ingredients not to use.

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