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Marketing Dog Treats

Marketing dog treats does not necessarily mean that you have to sell dog treats. Instead, use dog treats marketing to promote your pet services business like a pet sitter business, or a dog grooming business.

People love freebies. If you are opening a new business, even related to pets, like homemade dog clothes, or personalized dog collars, for example, you can attract attention by giving away dog treats.

With the new silicone baking pans available, you can make your own little paw prints and color them with bright colors. Most dog owners will get a huge kick out of paw print biscuits. We usually paint blue toes and pink toes and then give the blue ones to the boy dogs and the pink ones to the girl dogs.

Simply place a paw print into a small plastic bag that you can get at a craft store, attach a card with your business name, website, and contact email, tie it up with a dog-themed ribbon, and you have a marketing piece.

If you are opening a new dog training business, or even starting a craft business, give away a few dog training treats. Dog owners can tell the treats that came out of a box from the grocery store. But if you make your own, they will not look commercial.

If one of your “clients” is having a birthday, make a small birthday cake or dog cupcakes to share with others in the training class that they can take home to enjoy.

For a dog training class that is ending, offer graduation dog treats or dog cupcakes.

Promote your business at fundraisers. Fundraising ideas include donating dog cakes as giveaway items. There are enough pet owners who would to win one as a prize.

You can use the Cake Kit for Dogs from K9Cakery.com to create different flavored cupcakes if you choose. The kit includes a package of dog cake mix and dog treat frosting mix. It is also a great little gift or contest prize.

You and your business will be remembered!

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