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Sell Handmade Crafts Online For Pets

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell handmade crafts online in your own store, but with marketing experts taking care of the internet marketing to ensure that your store gets found?

Pet lovers love their pets, no doubt about that. And, they also know what pet parents need and want because most of them are pet parents too. Many make homemade crafts for pets and pet owners.

Many try to create a business out of it. But on the other end, many are not successful and have to fold.

It takes more than setting up a Facebook page, opening a Twitter account, and pinning items to Pinterest. Granted, some people are successful with these social media tools. But they are persistent, and have worked very hard to gain recognition in what are referred to as “followers.”

We have seen some absolutely dreadful Facebook pages, terrible misspellings going out on Twitter, and poorly lit images placed on Pinterest. In some cases, upon review across the business’ profiles, it is obvious that the business owner has no clue!

The talented crafters we have had the pleasure to meet want to work at their craft. That’s where they excel, and they do it better than anyone else. But they also want to sell their artwork, be it dog beds, dog clothes, dog treats, dog gifts, or anything else. So they slap together social media profiles because everyone else is doing it, but they don’t enjoy it and so they don’t persist at it to make it count.

Many work alone making homemade crafts by themselves and don’t have access to a promotional team.

Here’s the good news! A new website just launched for the sole purpose for pet crafters and pet bakers to be able to have their own online store and sell their goods. This online marketplace differs from others out there in that is dedicated to pet-related items ONLY. As a pet crafter, your items do not get lost among more popular crafts and artisan offerings.

Do yourself a huge favor and look into becoming a vendor now to sell your pet crafts at PetCraftStore.com. Stop wasting time and let them help you get noticed on the internet, which is what they do.

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