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DIY Puppy Dog Gift Basket For Female Puppy

A puppy dog gift basket is a great gift to help celebrate a new puppy’s arrival to the family. The gift basket shown here celebrates a new female puppy. It can be used to mark a new dog’s adoption as well.

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What you need:

  • A white basket or other basket that is of a “feminine” color. A new puppy is delicate, so stay away from heavy dark-colored baskets.
  • Homemade dog treats are decorated in colors suitable for a girl, such as pink, white, red, and yellow as shown here. Any pastel colors, purples, light green or teal, would be appropriate.
  • A stuffed dog toy or any other small dog toy. There is a variety of squeaky toys, ropes, and other pull toys. Puppies love to chew, so a toy that can be chewed on would be a good idea.
  • Two white-colored dog tennis balls. We were fortunate to find these in white. They can be found in a pet supply store that sells dog toys. These are a little smaller than regular tennis balls. It’s important to note that dog tennis balls are made from dog-friendly materials, whereas regular tennis balls are not. Many dogs like to tear off the fuzz and chew the ball in half, so dog-friendly material is best for them to put in their mouths.
  • Tissue paper in pink and white (or pastels)
  • Felt sign with stick-on letters to say “It’s A Girl”.
Screenshot 2023 07 31 at 5.53.08 AM


  • Arrange the tissue paper in the basket. A paper with a pretty pattern adds to the presentation of the basket.
  • Place your items into the basket in such a way that everything can be seen. We chose to put the dog treats into the plastic so that any crumbs would not spill over into the bottom and get onto the stuffed toy or the tennis balls.
  • Stick in your sign, or a card.
  • Bring to the lucky family.

If you like, include some human treats as well, like candy or lollipops in complementary colors. We chose to keep it all dog-friendly because we were being supervised:

Screenshot 2023 07 31 at 5.54.44 AM
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