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Do It Yourself Gifts For Dog Owners

Here are some original do-it-yourself gifts for dog owners. These products have just become available so you can be one of the first to try them!

Dog Cupcakes Kit

This cake kit for dogs will make 12 dog cupcakes. It is the perfect dog birthday gift. Take it to a dog birthday party and make dog cupcakes right there. It includes a package of dog cake mix and a package of dog treat icing. You will need a mini cupcake tin or silicone cake pan.

Box Art Cake Kit For Dogs

The packaging alone screams “dog party”!

Click here to learn how dog birthday cake differs from cake for people.

Microwaveable Dog Cake Kit

The same cake kit for dogs can be used in the microwave. Just follow the directions on the box and use a microwave-safe container like a silicone cake pan.

Reasons to Give This As a Dog Gift:

  • Easy to use – The cake mix and frosting mix are included right in the box.
  • Easy to transport – take the cake kit on a visit to a dog-friendly home and wow everyone by making dog cupcakes right in front of their eyes!
  • Easy to wrap as a dog gift for your friend’s or client’s pet.
  • Easy to wrap as dog owner gifts for clients of your dog sitting business or pet sitter business.
  • You and your business will be remembered because this gift is practical, usable, and edible!
  • Create any flavored dog cake or treat you like using the dog treat kit as a starting point. There are videos available showing you how to make different recipes step-by-step using this kit at: DogCakeWorld.com
  • Don’t stop with homemade dog treats. Consider other dog-themed crafts.
  • Owners of specific breeds love gifts related to their dog’s breed.

Here are some craft ideas:

  • Crochet a throw pillow.
  • Create a welcome mat with their breed’s image.
  • Embroider a special design on a dog bed.
  • Sew a special blanket with their dog’s name on it.
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