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Dog Crafts

Simple dog crafts are fun for the entire family. These projects are specifically chosen because they are fun for kids and can involve the family’s dog. Kids love to make things for their dog, or try out ideas on the dog…and many dogs enjoy being part of whatever activity is going on.

You can even use these selected kids’ craft ideas for school or church fundraisers or to benefit dog rescue organizations.

List of Do It Yourself Dog Crafts (DIY Crafts)

Bone Shaped Pinata

A pinata filled with homemade dog treats will provide a fun event for a dog birthday party or other gathering that includes well-behaved dogs (and kids!) We offer a list of materials and a step-by-step discussion.

Personalized Dog Collar

This is a great project for the kids to do. Make an inexpensive dog collar that ensures your phone number will be seen and your dog will get back home if he gets lost. We take you step by step with photos and a list of materials.

Dog Cupcakes

Make dog cupcakes for a dog birthday party or for a dog rescue benefit with this easy dog treat kit as featured here. A favorite with kids and adults alike. Quick and easy.

Crafts For The Elderly

Are you in the position of taking care of an older parent who may not be physically agile any longer? Let him or her serve as supervisor over any of the simple dog craft ideas offered here.

Packaging For Dog Treats

Bake up some homemade dog treats and package them with dog-themed packaging and ribbons. We will show you how with photos of actual packages of dog treats.

Of course, the dog will benefit from these activities, but the good part is that the kids will not be in front of the television set or the computer. Cooking and do-it-yourself projects, which require the following of instructions and directions, serve to stimulate the minds and brains of all of those who participate.

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