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Gifts for Dog Owners

Searching for gifts for dog owners? We found a unique, original handmade pet owner gift that any dog lover would be delighted to receive!

The line is called K9Quotables. Quotes for dogs are placed in your choice of background, then framed with special art metal.

A chain-link hanger or suede leather hanger can be attached to create a door hanger, or they can be used as coasters. What a great way to entertain your dog owner friends.

And they are shatterproof! Just in case the dog wants to play with the dog gift….

K9 Expressions 002 1

A well-known pet gift designer makes these by hand in her own studio. Have her create this original gift for you. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

It is a thoughtful, unique and classy gift that dog lovers will cherish, especially if “signed” by their own dog!

K9 Quotables make a perfect:

  • Dog lover gift
  • Pet owner gift
  • Gifts for dog owners
  • Gift to the dog
  • Gift from the dog

Give one as a dog birthday gift to the dog who has everything!

Choose from the following backgrounds:

  • Paw print design
Paw print background.jpg 1
  • Dog bone design
Bone background.jpeg 1
  • Small paw print design
Small paw print background.jpg 1

Choose any dog quote or saying you like (that is not too lengthy).

The finished project will look like this:

K9 Expressions 1

The dog quotes we sampled include:

  • Time for a bone break!
  • The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.
  • I’m a purebred mutt!!!

You can have the quote signed by the dog “giving” the dog gift to his or her owner, or from your dog, or whomever you desire.

For more information about K9 Quotables, click here to contact us.

Please also feel free to contact us if you are in search of a unique dog gift idea that you do not see featured anywhere. We will be happy to refer you to a skilled crafter who can help you!

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