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Tails Will Wag! Indulge Your Pup with These 8 Drool-Worthy Dog Cake Recipes!

Eight easy dog cake recipes created by professional dog chefs and bakers to get you started!

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Each recipe calls for its own ingredients that you will either stir and/or fold into the basic mix. Pour the mixture into miniature cupcake liners placed in a miniature cupcake pan and bake. Or, use a silicone baking pan to make paw-shaped dog cakes or bone-shaped cakes.

All ingredients are human-grade, so feel free to taste the final product. Any of these dog cake recipes will make a cake for dogs and humans alike!

The cake mix can be adapted for baking in the conventional oven or the microwave, whichever you choose.

Avoid using grocery store cake mix

Dogs have different tastes and tolerances than humans. It is important to use healthy ingredients when designing a recipe for your dog cake.

Avoid using a cake mix made for human consumption. If you want to know why, just pick up a commercial cake mix box and read the ingredients. Typically you will find sugar and chemicals in the ingredient list. The problem is that some of these ingredients may not be safely recommended for pet consumption.

Try our dog cake recipes made using wholesome ingredients. If you ever have a question about a certain ingredient for your pet, always check with your vet before letting the animal ingest it.

Cake recipe basics

Ingredients in a basic cake mix:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Leavener
  • Fat
  • Water

First, decide if you want to make a cake from scratch or if you want to use a dog cake mix that has already been assembled with healthy ingredients for you.

Dog cake mixes are a wonderful product because they provide all of the ingredients you need to make a healthy dog cake you will be proud to serve. 
Some of the ingredients in certain recipes can be difficult to find or may require you to purchase more than you need and end up getting wasted

Dog Cake Baking Pans

silicone dog bone cake pan

You will need a cake-baking pan. These come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. We love dog-bone-shaped silicone baking pans. These pans hold their shape, can be used on both conventional and microwave ovens, can be placed in the freezer to create ice molds or ice cubes, and can be washed in the dishwasher. They will not rust or scratch.

Read more about prolonging shelf-life by using sugar-free preservatives and mold inhibitors.

Let’s start baking…

Dog Cake Recipes

Questions about dog treat icing or dog treat frosting? Drop a comment below for Chef Fido!

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